You can:
  • Use Lexica images for non-commercial purposes
  • Use Lexica images for commercial purposes if you have a paid plan
  • No image credit is required


Can I get a license for my company?

Companies get a commercial license with our Pro and Max plans. The Pro plan gives a commercial rights to companies of 2-5 people. The Max plan gives commercial rights to companies of 5+ people.

Do I lose my license if I cancel my plan?

If you download or generate an image while on a paid plan then you can use that image in commercial products forever, even if you later cancel your plan.

Can I sell Lexica images on stock photo sites?

You can only sell images that you create with the Lexica image generator. Existing images found on Lexica cannot be sold on stock photo sites. Upscaling an existing image does not count and its rights still belong to the original creator.

Can other people use my images?

By default all images show up in Lexica search and other users may use them. Only images created under the Max plan are private. If you'd like to be the only person licensed to use an image then you must create it while subscribed to the Max plan. That image will remain private even if you later downgrade or cancel.

See our Terms and Conditions for full details on usage rights. You can also send questions to [email protected]